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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere …” | Martin Luther King Jr. 

CASE STUDY, ONTARIO HUMAN RIGHTS CODE: Matthew Jocelyn, Canadian Stage

Matthew Jocelyn, Canadian Stage: Police Bias towards Women in Domestic Cases

Matthew Jocelyn knew there was systemic racism in the Toronto Police and used racism to his advantage. Matthew Jocelyn knew there was police bias against women in the Toronto Police and used racism and misogynism to his benefit. Matthew Jocelyn manipulated the discriminatory justice system to abuse, take advantage of and steal from his common law girlfriend.

Matthew Jocelyn refused to hire black staff at Canadian Stage

In nine years at Canadian Stage Matthew Jocelyn routinely rejected employing blacks and refused to employ African Canadian staff. Matthew Jocelyn repeatedly rejected diversity. Globe and Mail article: Canadian Stage ducks Diversity; Canadian Stage oh so white

In the nine years that Matthew Jocelyn was at Canadian Stage not one part time black or full time black staff was hired. Matthew Jocelyn insured Canadian Stage had no black staff.

Matthew Jocelyn abused and was sexist to his ex-girlfriend

Matthew Jocelyn of Canadian Stage told his three year common law girlfriend that the relationship had hit the three year mark and he wanted her out of the condominium to avoid paying spousal support. He called the police and she was arrested for a domestic matter with no violence.

Today, three years later, Matthew Jocelyn is still refusing to return her property, sleeping on her bed and using her property without her consent. This is a blatant example of systemic bias on the part of the police against women.

She had a law degree and was well educated with no history of violence. When she asked the police officer Constable Christina Donaldson why she was being arrested, she responded "because you are black". The only way she could get out of jail was the money she had to borrow from friends and a surety she did not have because she was too embarrassed to tell any of her friends. She reported the false arrest planned by Matthew Jocelyn and carried out by Constable Christina Donaldson to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD). Over six months later Christina Donaldson was investigated by the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, demoted and disciplined for this discriminatory remark.