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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere …” | Martin Luther King Jr. 

Seema Kristen & Veerasammy Tambee
Hindu Charities
1810387 Ontario Inc.

In January 2020 Equal Justice Canada had a lady contact our organization. She said her name was Seema Kristen and she put her home in her fiancés name, Mariusz Kosewski, whose lawyer is PAMELA Bhardwaj. Seema claimed her fiancé Mariusz stole her house from under her because she trusted him, sold her house without her permission, kept the money from the sale of her house and married another woman.

Equal Justice Canada provides a lawyer referral to help the poor find a good lawyer for an affordable price. Seema claimed she had no money and was poor, but refused to swear a court required FEE WAIVER for the poor so she would not have to pay the court fees.

An etransfer was sent to Equal Justice Canada directly from from Veerasammy Tambee, President of Hindu Charities for $1695.00, business number 1810387 Inc.

Veerasammy is on Ontario Works but uses money from the charity to pay for his SUV and the SUV of Seema Kristen.

Nothing is in their names, which is why Seema put her home in her fiance’s name.

Equal Justice Canada did not receive a penny from Seema Kristen.

Seema called us insisting this $1695 from Hindu Charities 1810387 Ontario Inc. was hers and needed to be returned to her. Equal Justice Canada had to hold a Board meeting, seek legal advice because we were very concerned and worried about five (5) things:

1) misappropriation of Money given to Hindu Charities by donors being misappropriated and given to Seema Kristen through us Equal Justice Canada.
2) Money laundering by diverting money paid to a charity Hindu Charities to Seema Kristen.
3) an Audit - if this organization Hindu Charities was audited, would we as an organization be implicated.
4) Fraud for improper use of donation funds donated to Hindu Charities for a specific purpose
5) Seema Kristen repeatedly demanded the money from Hindu Charities be given to her directly or threatened she would file criminal charges against us.

We have never received money from Seema Kristen. All money paid by Hindu Charities 1810387 Inc. to Equal Justice Canada has been returned to Veerasammy Tambee and Hindu Charities 1810387 Inc. The pictures are included for proof.

Seema Kristen & Veerasammy Tambee   Seema Kristen & Veerasammy Tambee   Seema Kristen & Veerasammy Tambee