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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere …” | Martin Luther King Jr. 

NOTICE: The information collected in this Intake/Registration Form is protected by the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act and will not be released to any third party under any circumstance.

This information is collected for the sole purpose of providing guidance and personal support to you and your family during your legal case.

First Name
Type of issue
What was the date of the event?
City the event took place in
Full name of Organization and individuals involved in the event:
What type of legal support and referral are you seeking?

Provide in full detail a full description of the event, including the YEAR, date and time that you need support, guidance and referrals for.  Please provide names and numbers of all individuals and organizations involved in the event.

Have you suffered any mental distress, illnesses and addictions because of the negative impact of this event on your life?
Are you on any medication or treatment?
Are you addicted to prescription drugs or non-prescription drugs?
Are you addicted to alcohol or have you had an addiction in the past?
If Yes, what treatment are you enrolled in?

(These questions are very important because we will require you to be in a treatment before and during your registration with us in order for us to accept your registration. This is for your benefit and that of your family)

What are you doing to recover from this addiction to alcohol?
What financial loss have you suffered because of the event?
How have you suffered mentally,
emotionally or physically because of the event?
Did the event lead to job loss?
Did the event lead to loss of
relationships, reputation and emotional well being?
What type of restoration or recovery are you hoping for?
What specific help and support services for you require?
Do you require any workshops or training sessions
in the area of law you are seeking justice in?
Do you require any counseling?
What religion or faith are you?
What is your citizenship?
What is the citizenship of your children?

DISCLAIMER: Our Intake and Registration Officers are not practicing lawyers, although many are L.LB students, L.LB graduates
and have social justice backgrounds.

We will refer registrants to lawyers and assist you in organizing your thoughts, your objectives and the steps you need to take to achieve
and obtain legal justice.

Please remember that you must go through all the Internal Appeals within the organization that has caused you hardship before seeking justice
in the courtroom.

Equal Justice can help you every step of the way during an Internal Appeal.

If this is a complaint against the Police, we can support and assist you through the Ontario Complaints Review Board Process.

If this is a complaint against a Teacher or Principal, we can support and assist you through the very complex and
confusing internal Administrative Appeal Process.

If your event or case requires a courtroom attendance we do have a network of social justice lawyers who we will refer you to.